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Patti Repetto was born in Pennsylvania where she grew up one of nine kids and always envisioned that one day she would have children of her own. Always motivated to make an impact in this world, Patti was the first girl in her family to pursue college, graduated with an undergraduate business degree and later pursued a Masters in Health Education from Pennsylvania State University. Due to circumstances that resulted in her remaining child-free, Patti chose to focus on her career, friends and family instead. Patti is an award winning Certified Healthcare Professional (CHCP), and recently retired from Medscape Education/WebMD where she worked as a Senior Director of Oncology Medical Education. She is currently pursuing a freelance/creative writing career as she travels with her four dogs. She enjoys coffee, wine, cooking, yoga and spending time with family and girlfriends (of which many are child-free).


Connecting with and learning from other women who have no kids, whether by choice, chance or circumstance.